Industrial Designer

Spy Performance




Lead product design from sketch ideation, technical drawings all the way to 3D development and color/material applications.

Designed Summer 2010. Released Spring 2012

Design Direction and design work done at Mage Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

I did a lot of concept development in compliance with Spy’s branding and heritage, but using a more aggressive, organic and fluid design language then what was standard at the time. Citroen car design had a huge influence in this styling, and I used automotive design language as the main source of inspiration. This was done to introduce some new/fresh aesthetic appeal, while at the same time increasing functionality with venting and light-weight frame construction.

Several sketch rounds were delivered to SPY for review, leaving the client to pick the best concepts for each frame. I wanted to make sure they all had the same design language throughout, yet could stand separately as strong individual frames. Lens shapes were also explored as well as large scoop venting to enhance user comfort and to decrease overall frame weight.

Each frame was constructed in 3D and delivered to Spy for further development with their factory and manufacturing team. The frames went through several rounds to find the best fit and several rapid prototypes were made to test out lens fit etc.


Pure performance without a pill. Fog-free and interchangeable for your pleasure, take your game straight to the front,spit’em out the back and screw baby, screw. If your victory lasts more than four hours, consult a doctor.

You asked and SPY delivered. This great-looking frame that’s virtually indestructible, with lenses that are interchangeable, shatter-proof, fog and glare resistant. The grippiest temple tips letting you bomb down chunky trails without letting the sunglasses slip of your nagen.