Industrial Designer




As part of the design team at Mage, we were hired to create an entirely fresh direction for Frends headphone brand.Aided in part by their ambassador-model/actor Noot Seer, through a series of concept presentations and design renderings we settled on a specific design direction mainly inspired by women’s fashion accessories. I was in charge of taking the design from sketch/2D concepts to 3D development and technical drawings.

Designed 2013. Released Spring 2014

Design Direction and design work done at Mage Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA.


A new statement piece in women's accessories, turning the sidewalk into a catwalk with this over-ear headphone. The Frends team worked closely alongside Mage Design to develop a line of “refined and stylish” headphones, which “exude luxury and hint at grace” - (New York Times).


1. Rose gold delivers a soft, warm glow while creating a sense of opulence and romance. Paired with supple white leather, this headphone is the portrait of femininity.

2. The white leather construction feels so soft against the skin and looks particularly lux paired with the silver-tone hardware.

3. The gold we all love and crave with supple black leather bring a new bold attitude to this classic pairing.

Taylor’s demure little sister. All the style, and all the sound, a little less moxie. Every detail of this portable pair has been carefully considered from the fabric-covered cord to the memory foam ear cushions. The Frends women’s line creates new lines of design by using materials common to luxury goods, paying close consideration to their technical details in order to guarantee that these pieces are designed to be not only beautiful, but practical.



Gone are the days of masculine designs, with the soft white cord and metal entwined white headphones. Frends’ handcrafted, jewelry-inspired designs give a whole new meaning to the words “ear-candy”. These distinctive earbuds feature metal detailing, delicate lines and quiet features, when the subtle details counts, count on Ella.