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A little while back the guys over at Creative Session, set up a community design project, where the idea was to redesign asthma inhalers. #breathebetterwithcs

The ideation and creative process was supposed to be loose and the design criteria's simple. They provided a quick CAD file of the canister for anyone to use as a base and starting spot. The concept must have a counter, 200 count to be exact, and you could use whatever tool you wanted to present your concept.

I wanted to approach the overall shape of the case and see if I could make something that could be attached to a lanyard/carabiner etc. and at the same time avoid any accidental hits of the canister. I also wanted to avoid the side entry mouth-piece and create a more streamline "pill" shape. Here's a few quick renderings of the concept I contributed to the project.

BreathBetter Render1
BreathBetter Render2
BreathBetter Render3