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Another fun little community design challenge, thrown together by the guys at Creative Session. The project was to redesign a desk fan with the following criteria listed below.

1.Desk Fan,   2.On/Off,   3.Battery/USB powered,   4.Articulate at various angles,   5.Blades

I wanted to go with a more unconventional shape of the fan, where most of the fans in the market today have a flat fronts and are quite shapeless. I wanted the user to be able to interact with the fan and to move it in whatever direction they needed the air to flow. A sphere seemed like the best possible solution and the cradle/stand would act as a power source and a nest for the desk fan. After a few quick rounds of sketches and building the cad, I started to render the 3D in a darker environment and the shape reminded me of a planet or a moon. I thought it would be appropriate with a name that represented this vision so I went with Triton - the largest moon of Neptune. 


It has come to my attention that the overall shape and size of the vent cuts might be too small and create a lot of noise when the fan is running. So if this was to be made, I would have to re-think the vent shapes and overall design and open the container a lot more (thought for the future). The USB power cable could be attached to a power adapter or directly to a laptop with an App to control the fan speed and activation. 


A little while back the guys over at Creative Session, set up a community design project, where the idea was to redesign asthma inhalers. #breathebetterwithcs

The ideation and creative process was supposed to be loose and the design criteria's simple. They provided a quick CAD file of the canister for anyone to use as a base and starting spot. The concept must have a counter, 200 count to be exact, and you could use whatever tool you wanted to present your concept.

I wanted to approach the overall shape of the case and see if I could make something that could be attached to a lanyard/carabiner etc. and at the same time avoid any accidental hits of the canister. I also wanted to avoid the side entry mouth-piece and create a more streamline "pill" shape. Here's a few quick renderings of the concept I contributed to the project.

BreathBetter Render1
BreathBetter Render2
BreathBetter Render3