Industrial Designer

Barstow Goggle



The goggle was one of the initial goggle designs we were tasked to create for 100percent brand. It needed to have a somewhat timeless look with next level motocross performance, adopting the vintage racing style from the Barstow - Las Vegas racing days and fusing it with a more urban approach. The Barstow goggles are an iconic piece that we feel represents the 100 percent company, by recapturing the essence of MX while also focusing on today's most advanced standards of comfort and safety. I contributed with sketch form ideation, taking the lead on trim design, completion of technical drawings, 3D
construction and working as the main developer with 100 percent and manufacturer until final production sample.

Designed Spring 2012. Released Fall 2013

Design Direction and design work done at Mage Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Most of the goggles have been tied to some iconic people that are involved into the culture of motorcycles. They might have achieved some recognition within motocross, photography, custom builders, artist etc. and they truly embrace and represent the 100% brand ideology and are therefore deserving of their own Barstow style.