AIRCRAFT MOUNTAIN BIKING HELMET has finally landed. We were tasked to create the most ventilated, light weight and innovative helmet for 100% racing. After a year of design, revisions and manufacturing the helmet was launched at Interbike 2015.

DESIGNWORK: Contributing on initial sketch ideation, taking the lead on trim design, technical drawings, 3D construction, working closely with 100% racing development team and manufacturer in China until final production sample.


There are a lot of details to a Downhill helmet that in this case needed to be designed before we could move on to the next stage of the process. Several sketch rounds were sent back and forth between the design team and client to ensure the best form direction.


RHINO 3D FILE - I built an initial CAD model in Rhino with assembled parts and sent off to China for early stage prototyping. We had several rounds of rapid prototyping samples to get as close to the final product as possible. Each time we narrowed down the sizing, certain design features and "trimmed the fat". I also had to make sure to rebuild certain aspects of the helmet to comply with bicycle standards specifications and safety commission standards. Also getting closer to final production model we needed to road test the helmet and adjust certain parts based on feedback from pro riders. Revisions and maintaining an open dialogue with the factory became high priority before we moved on to the final model for manufacturing. 



01_  Top Visor

02_  Top Visor Screw

03_  Carbon/Kevlar Helmet Shell w/25 Vents

04_  Top Part Eyeport Beading

05_  Machined Aluminum Visor Screw w/Gasket

06_  Bottom Part Eyeport Beading

07_  Separate Mouth-Piece w/Custom texture

08_  EPS Inner 3 Sizes, w/Channels

09_  Inflatable Emergency Release System

10_  Chinbar Liner

11_  Integrated Quick Release System

12_  Cheekpad Backing

13_  Neckport Beading