The 1805 series is a true homage to the unmistakable style of the First French Empire. The 1805 is a Napoleonic­- inspired pocket watch, drawing from relics of past centuries. Modernized with an analog alarm and snake coil chain, it is offered with a desk stand and two choices of chain clasps. This beautiful timepiece establishes an iconic demeanor fit for modern times.

DESIGNWORK: Sketch ideation, digital compositions, product development


After completion of overall case and dial design. I began experimenting with different attachments and hinge shapes. Refined illustrator orthographic views assisted in comparing different proportional solutions and layouts. The final direction uses feedback directly from manufacturer to create logical relationships between design and watch components, and to give an overall harmonious feeling.


After completing illustrator orthographic views a 3D cad file was built for early stage prototyping. We had several rounds of rapid prototyping samples to get as close to the final product as possible and to correct any design flaws. Each time we narrowed down the sizing and certain design features. I also had to make sure to build the case to correctly fit the Swiss ETA 804.192 quartz movement.

The casing and metal elements on this watch are made of 316 L stainless steel with black PVD treatment, and to prevent scratching an anti-reflective domed mineral crystal covers the dial with added sapphire coating. A rubber gaskets is placed between the case and back plate to prevent damage from water or impact. .

1805 Watch spread.19.jpg

01_Crystal glass

02_Main case


04_Hinge screws

05_Snake coil chain

06_Chain clip

07_Case ring

08_Domed Dial with trims

09_ETA Movement 804.192

10_Custom crown

11_Alarm crown

12_Case-back gasket

13_Case back with engraved logo

Please check out a few 3D renderings and pictures of the 1805 pocket watch below, or head on over to the website to keep up with the latest updates, new designs and to purchase timepieces.